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Widya Anindya Foundation – Job Vacancy

Widya Anindya Foundation is building various web based applications, we are searching for a PHP programmer who fit these requirements:

  1. have good sense of humor
  2. team worker who able to communicate well
  3. intermediate to advanced English, should able to learn from English materials
  4. intermediate to advanced in PHP, HTML and javascript (there will be a writen test)
  5. able to work under AGILE/SCRUM method
  6. strong OOP background (SOLID principle)

Additional skills that would be great advantages:

  1. understand and able to create UML documents
  2. TDD oriented development
  3. able to use Linux/*BSD OS’es
  4. understand API based application and REST architecture

If you are the one we looking for, send us your CV to dhimas@lepisi.ac.id before June 16th, 2017. We will hold a writen test on Friday, June 16th, 2017.