Tax Brevet


In business operations, tax is one of the most important parts of the Taxpayer (WP), either as an individual taxpayer (WP OP), Taxpayer (WP Board) or Taxpayer Permanent Establishment (WP BUT). Transactions – transactions that occur always cause tax aspects that are difficult to be avoided by related parties due to hit the regulations – regulations taxation. Moreover, in the Republic of Indonesia, the tax is a revenue source that is very important and great, so that revenues from the tax has always appeared dominant in the State Budget (APBN). That is, the tax is now a source of funds to support the establishment of the country’s economy upright. It also makes the tax will always color the country’s economy until some future period.

As good citizens, we should already be the one to “Obey Taxes”. we must be aware of the obligations under the tax laws and tax -undangan valid (because of constantly changing tax rules, either Act or implementing regulations) as well as the principles of Self-Assessment System. In this principle into account to calculate, pay / deposit, reporting, and account for the tax payable by WP in accordance with the tax laws that continue to evolve over time.

To prepare for it all, WP should have the knowledge and skill in the field of taxation so that WP can fulfill their tax obligations properly so it is not prejudicial to the WP or the state. So that WP should also have Tax Planning (Tax Planning) which mature in order to apply to themselves as well as within the enterprise. Tax Brevet Taxsys – Lepisi is required as a prerequisite of graduation in STIE BISMA LEPISI, because by following the Brevet A / B depat increase student competence Hard Skill STIE BISMA LEPISI.

Conditions as above gave rise to the phenomenon that is advantageous in terms of employment in the field of taxation, which could open a services tax, both personally and institutionally (Office of Tax Consultants). It’s just such a condition is to have recognized expertise in the field of taxation by having certification (pass the test) brevet national taxes which can be reached by following a Tax Consultant Certification Exam (USKP).

Taxsys-LEPISI Tax Brevet in anticipation of the training programs Taxes Applied Brevet A & B Integrated required for students STIE BISMA LEPISI and Lecturer in Public, where the materials studied (covered) during the training covered all types of taxes (all taxes), either individual or entity (company), with metoode training easily applied directly in the environment WP or users (users).

Guided by instructors who are competent and have experience in the field of taxation, the participant is expected to consult in solving the existing problems in the environment of the participants.


This training is a Tax Training Brevet Brevet A and B, which is packaged in an integrated manner based on a predetermined schedule.

Brevet materials include:

  • General Provisions and Tax Procedures (CTP A / B);
  • Value Added Tax and Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (VAT & PnBM A / B);
  • Income Tax individual taxpayer (individual income tax);
  • Taxpayer Income Tax (corporate income tax);
  • Withholding Income Tax and Withholding (pph POTPUT);
  • Land and Building Tax (PBB);
  • Tax on Acquisition of Land and Building (BPHTB);
  • Stamp Duty (BM).

Additional Material:

  • Tax Review


This training provides adequate facilities for the participants, including:

  • The strategic location and convenient;
  • The classrooms are air-conditioned;
  • Law compilation and Tax Module;
  • Tax return form;
  • Aqua;
  • Certificates Taxsys-LEPISI;
  • And others.