Tangerang is a city located in the province of Banten, west of Jakarta, Indonesia. Divided into three autonomous regions, namely: Tangerang, Tangerang and South Tangerang City.

Population growth in Tangerang increasing. That ethnicity Banten, Betawi, Sundanese, Chinese etc. Tangerang also has a number of significant Chinese communities, many of them of mixed Chinese Fortress. Each year the Festival is always held Cisadane, pecun Day (day of eating rice dumplings).

Tangerang city is famous for its culinary diverse, and can be found in the Old Market Tangerang. Typical food Tangerang City include:

  • Sayur Besan
  • Gecom (Toge dan Oncom)
  • Pindang Bandeng
  • Laksa Tangerang
  • Kecap Benteng

Lepisi hostel located in Gg. Batik, Karawaci. The hostel is intended for staff and students Lepisi coming from outside the city of Tangerang. This hostel is only intended for women. And is still in development for male dormitory. The hostel was built so that all staff and students Lepisi coming from out of town is not difficult memncari residence and parents will feel safe to leave their putri2 enrolled in Lepisi. Karna would be more easily monitored. In the hostel they will be under curfew, the boarder should not exceed 10 hours mlm home. The hostel facilities daughters, namely: Bed, Wardrobe pakainan, desks, bookshelves, AC / fan, each room is equipped with a bathroom. In the hostel there is kitchen, refrigerator, living room, TV. So who wants to occupy only a girls’ boarding TSB bring pakaian2nya only.

Population growth in Tangerang very rapidly. Previously known as an industrial area Tangerang, Tangerang is now developing as an independent shelter. Two township that contribute to the development of Tangerang is Lippo Karawaci and Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD). Tangerang City residents is growing very rapidly with the emergence of such housing. In addition because of its strategic location close to the airport, making the city of Tangerang demand by migrants. Widya Anindya are now building homes in the area Rajeg, Tangerang. The housing is intended for staff and guru2 working under the auspices of the Foundation Widya Anindya.

Education Facility in Tangerang area continues to grow from kindergarten to university. Quality of education has also varied from luxury air conditioned building up a simple yet available. Each school also showed achievements both nationally and internationally. Education and Industry in Tangerang can collaborate, if you are looking for a job or internship practice there are many companies located in Tangerang.