Administration Management Accounting


Become Perguruan Tinggi have a conception global in the field of higher education, based skills & have excellent competence to comply competition and needs of the business.


Preparing staff and lecturers, and supported by the means and facilities to educate students AKSEMA LEPISI professional skills and competence in the global competition to fill the needs of the business world.

NUMBER OF STUDENTS IN 2001 S / D 2013 A total of 998 STUDENTS



The college was named Secretary and Management Academy – AKSEMA LEPISI hereinafter abbreviated and more commonly known as’ AKSEMA LEPISI “. AKSEMA LEPISI organized by Yayasan Pendidikan Widya Anindya based legal letter dated November 10, 1987.

AKSEMA LEPISI held 2 (two) courses namely Secretary and Management Studies Program Accounting Administration opened by the Minister of National Education No. 05 / D / O / 1997 dated January 16, 1997 for the Diploma Level Three (D3). The study program has received an extension of operating licenses by the Coordinator Kopertis Region IV in Singapore by letter No. 2546 / D / T / K-IV / 2009 dated June 22, 2009 to Prodi Secretary and No. 2545 / D / T / K-IV / 2009 dated June 22, 2009 to Prodi Administration Management Accounting.


  • Mastering the basics of science and skills in specific areas of expertise so as to discover, understand, explain and formulate a way of solving the problems that exist within the scope of his expertise.
  • Being able to apply the knowledge and skills they have according to their expertise in productive activities and service to the community with the attitude and behavior in accordance with the order of life together.
  • Being able to act and behave in bringing himself to work in his field of expertise and in berkehidupan together in the community.
  • Being able to follow the development of knowledge and skills that are his forte.

Here is the list of courses per semester Management Accounting Administration 2014/2015: