Vision & Mission

The vision and mission of the college LEPISI underlies every thing that we do for the betterment of the nation of Indonesia.


An educational institution that produces human resources professional, and virtuous character, able to adapt to the development of technology, art and culture so that it can be accepted by the global community.


Education programs that support the development and application of science, technology, art and culture by:

  1. creating a conducive environment for teaching and learning activities effectively and efficiently so as to produce creative and innovative graduates
  2. seek linkages and relevance throughout the educational activities with the provisions of the labor market
  3. cooperation with various parties inside and outside the country so that the learning process is always up to date


LEPISI produce graduates who are prepared to graduate thinking and innovative strategies are equipped with entrepreneurial and managerial abilities and have high integrity, open, has a moral responsibility, responsiveness to the development of science and technology, and be able to practice skills in the profession in the public interest.