Student Get Student

For you who want to have a lot of friends, LEPISI has a new program that can help you pocket money, the name of the new program is the Student Get Student. In this program you should only recommend your friends to study at LEPISI with you, for every friend you who joined LEPISI, you will get a certain compensation.


  1. Not valid for Prospective Students receive scholarship assistance from Widya Anindya or College LEPISI.
  2. Compensation given to each student recommended is Rp. 200.000, – (Two Hundred Thousand) per student.
  3. The above cash compensation will be given if the student has become the official recommended College Students LEPISI.
  4. The compensation money can be collected at the cash register by presenting the form “GET STUDENT STUDENT PROGRAM”

For you who are interested and want to know more information, contact Student Counselor at the following number:

  • (021) 98286261
  • (021) 91265578
  • (021) 91265185