The year 2012 is a special year for LEPISI, because imperceptibly LEPISI 25 years already served in education.

The long journey for 25 years is not a short time, from a computer course institutions to become what it is today. Surely not a few obstacles encountered during this period, but LEPISI with full commitment and with the existing limitations do all it can to provide the best for education in Indonesia, especially Tangerang and continue to make breakthroughs in responding to global challenges.

Gedung Pertama LEPISI

LEPISI First Building

Settling-improvement among students, Students, Staff, Faculty, Teachers, and the management of schools and colleges continue to be made in an effort to improve and maintain the quality of their and discipline.

Collaborating with institutions within and Foreign Affairs as well as bring in the HR of Foreign Affairs is one of evidence and Commitment Education Foundation Widya Anindya – LEPISI to be able to give the best to meet the needs of education.

Here is a little note LEPISI development for 25 years, not with the intention to brag, but as information for the academic community LEPISI to the development and the steps undertaken LEPISI.

LEPISI established on 10 November 1987 in Tangerang, under the auspices of the Education Foundation Widya Anindya. The first program LEPISI is computer skills education and education for secretaries and administrative staff. LEPISI occupies a two-storey building where the first floor of a sale of furniture and on the floor 2 LEPISI organize computer courses.

Entering the second year LEPISI opened the Secretary and Office Administration program more attractive and LEPISI when it is expanding the program by going to Computer Accounting program. To cope with the growing number of students, then the Odd Semester academic year 1991/1992 LEPISI equip with several laboratories, such as a language laboratory, a laboratory manual typing and electronics, computer labs, and laboratory equipment of modern office machines. When it LEPISI occupies a 2 storey shophouse in Jalan Otista, Pasar Baru, Tangerang.

Gedung Kedua LEPISI

LEPISI Second Building

LEPISI continue to strive to maintain and enhance the lecture material in keeping with the expectations of society and the labor market, among others by conducting comparative studies and curriculum improvement.

In the 1993/1994 academic year into spring academic LEPISI (2 years) with the first year of college tuition pattern of morning and the second year of college the afternoon, because the morning until the afternoon they worked. 1994 LEPISI into the Best Education Institutions throughout the municipality and the district of Tangerang, in the following year. LEPISI received the title as the best Education Institutions throughout Banten and West Java, while in the same year she received an award LEPISI example and become a pioneer in the development of human resources of the Office of P & K Tangerang.

Gedung Ketiga LEPISI

LEPISI Third Building

Efforts to establish cooperation and training with other institutions within and abroad continued intensively. The result LEPISI education cooperation with educational institutions Alexander College – Perth Australia, Lorraine Martin College – Brisbane, Australia, and Auckland International Studies – Auckland, New Zealand. LEPISI Students who wish to continue their studies abroad can directly follow the lecture in its second year in educational institutions to obtain the Associate Diploma and then can proceed to Griffith University – Brisbane, Australia to take the Undergraduate or so-called Bachelor Program.

LEPISI in the country has established a partnership with LPK Budya Discourse Yogyakarta, Faculty of Economics, Trisakti University, Faculty of Economics, University Tarumanegara, and several other universities in the form of a comparative study and training.

To address community needs in education, in the academic year 1996/1997 LEPISI made a new breakthrough by opening the Business and Management program – BISMA LEPISI as a means for those who wish to complete S1 education while working. BISMA LEPISI steadily maintain planning and practical skills in all subjects to liaise closely with the industry through apprenticeships and study programs ekserkusi. Because believe that success must start from the bottom with the provision of adequate, not just theory. Practical skill that is the strong foundation to facilitate career.

Gdung Keempat LEPISI

LEPISI Fourth Building

In January 1997 LEPISI improve the status of a ACADEMY with a new name Academy of Secretary and Management LEPISI abbreviated AKSEMA LEPISI which organizes education Diploma courses are Diploma I & Diploma III (AT & D3), Study / courses Secretary and Administrative Management Accounting, appropriate by the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 05 / D / NOL / 1997 dated January 16, 1997.

The academic year 1999/2000 Education Foundation Widya Anindya – LEPISI open a brief educational program (3-6 months) and professional education (1,2 & 3 years) with the system program “Double Line” through the International SpecificStudies – ISS, with courses School of public Relations (SOP) and the School of Language (SOL). One of the benefits of this program are students at the same time at affordable cost study 2 (two) disciplines of mutual support and get two (2) Certificate or Diploma and 2 (two) degree in educational institutions managed by LEPISI.

Yayasan Pendidikan Widya Anindya – LEPISI continues to grow and in the academic year 2001-2002, Business and Management education program LEPISI (BISMA LEPISI), which is in collaboration with the Universitas Terbuka since 1996/1997, has received the National Education Minister Decree No. 107 / D / NOL / 2001 regarding permission to implement educational programs Bachelor (S1), for courses in Accounting and Management to open and improve the status of a School of Business Economics and Management (STIE BISMA LEPISI).

Gedung Kelima LEPISI

LEPISI Fifth Building

The academic year 2002/2003 LEPISI re-establish cooperation with the holding Pascasajana Program (S2) Master of Management in STIE Kusuma State by engaging lecturers LEPISI in taking the S2 program.

In June 2004 LEPISI open the high school level of education namely Vocational High School – SMK Bhakti Anindya with educational programs Secretary , Accounting and Multimedia. In 2007 these when entering the age of 3 SMK Bhakti Anindya has become one of the largest vocational school with the number of pupils in Banten Province (± 1,700 students) and all study programs have been accredited.

The toil of the entire academic community LEPISI continuous commitment to produce professional character has delivered STIE BISMA LEPISI obtain the status of accredited by the National Accreditation Board Accreditation No. 07 362 / AK-IX-S1-010 / EABAKT / VII / 2005 on Accounting Program and No. 07 363 / AK-IX-S1-010 / EABMXX / VII / 2005 for Program Management.

Along with the public trust and the need for foreign language education programs in particular, LEPISI at the End of June 2007 has been opened and organize new institutions, namely the College of Foreign Languages Multi Lingua LEPISI (STBA NOBLE LEPISI) for the undergraduate program English, Arabic, and Mandarin. The opening of S1 language program was conducted because of the condition that exist today where students of high school graduates are not ready to enter the world of work because of the limitations of mastery in foreign languages, especially English and mandarin.

Gedung Terbaru LEPISI

LEPISI New Building

LEPISI commitment to participate national life through education, especially for people over the last 25 years Tangerang impact is also experienced by people from different areas who send their son to college in the area LEPISI. In line with the amount of interest to proceed to higher education that occurs in those areas has pushed through Le Preston LEPISI Unistate in 2007 organized a partnership in some areas of the city / county in the region by opening a branch campus with the partnership. Some areas that have become LEPISI partners include Batam, Tanjung Pinang and Surabaya.